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A-Beuty Studio Salon
Manicure Master, Hairdresser, Brows Master
We have been posted on elmy.ua for several months now. Purchased the PRO package. We started with a manicure master, now we host the services of the entire salon. We are very satisfied, because during this period we have received many new clients, who have already become permanent. Income is growing!
Anastasia Yarmak
I am a novice hairdresser, faced with a problem where to find clients for my client base. Placed on different sites, but did not get the effect. I tried it here, not hoping that customers will be. But I was surprised when the calls started coming in the next day. I am glad as now the list of clients is actively growing.
Tatiana Kamyshan
Photographer, Retoucher
I am purchasing the "Pro-Specialist" package on an ongoing basis. Inexpensive and effective. By the way, I attached the profile link on social networks, thanks for the idea. Sometimes I send this link to clients in messengers. Really handy as I now have a separate one-page portfolio site.
Alina Royko
Holiday Presenter
I recently placed my services and already received several orders for weddings. Thank you for giving the opportunity to declare yourself as a specialist. Times are difficult now, there is very little work. But, you save. Prosperity to the resource!
Egor Martynov
You have outdone yourself 100%. Cool team, glad to meet you and cooperate. They helped with the design of a portfolio, a profile, drawing up a price list .. For me it was a difficult step, since at the beginning of my business I did not know where to start. I'm calm now, thanks!
Ekaterina Nesterova
Marketing Consultant, Sales Consultant
Guys, I'm with you forever! Was on olkh, there were no orders. When I started to worry, my husband advised me to register for Elmi. There are enough orders now, everything is good! I'm glad I listened to him). Thank you for your work and new clients. I love Elmy.ua ❤️
Lyudmila Nikityuk
Cosmetologist, Teacher of Cosmetology Courses
Thanks to the Elmy.ua project! I was with you from the very beginning and had no idea what this resource would become after a year, now I understand that there is nothing without you !!! My expectations from cooperation were met. Thanks to the whole Elmy.ua team for this cool service!
Victoria Belykh
Web Designer, Graphic Designer
I am freelance and Elmy is an excellent channel for promoting and receiving orders. There are, like everyone else, bad months when there are few orders, but in this case the PRO package helps. After connecting, orders become more. It is profitable because the price is low and the orders received cover everything). I'm glad :)

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Social networks: Instagram, Facebook;
Messengers: Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp.
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Show detailed information about the professional and their services*
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